Posters & Greetings Cards Made With
Sierra Print Artist v3.0 & v4.0

                     hf_25yr.jpg               recruit.jpg                   steam.jpg                 w_wand.jpg                40yr.jpg

                penny.jpg                    para.jpg               x_market.jpg              c_bravo.jpg                4p_copy.jpg

                alkadust.jpg                 dark.jpg               c706.jpg                           order.jpg                  st_luke.jpg

                riverside.jpg               evolute.jpg                    flea.jpg                    daytrip.jpg

I have yet to do anything clever with this web page coding. For the time being just refer to the thumbnail above and click on the filename below and you should get an 800 x 1100 image. You can see the file sizes are around 150K so they may take upto a minute to transfer to your screen.

These are (with the exception of daytrip ) printouts from PA, rescanned and then converted to jpg files with 20% compression.
The files represent  things that can be done in PA - Text bending - basic layering - backgrounds - layouts - basic shapes,
negative imaging, recolouring  and photo image  import.  The copies I am left with are usually final proofs or show slight faults.  Colour fidelity and resolution have been lost in the scanning and jpg compression stages.

The file daytrip.jpg is, in respect to my machine, 100% digital - the images and text are ftom the web - the layout is done in PA - The finished poster was exported from PA  as a .wmf format file and then opened in a photo image package and resaved as a jpg file.   This last transfer was necessary as PA seems to export at screen resolution only

  Name                   Last modified     Size  Description
40yr.jpg               05-Jul-99 00:10    74k  
4p_copy.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:07   140k  
alkadust.jpg           05-Jul-99 00:06   127k  
c706.jpg               05-Jul-99 00:05   154k  
c_bravo.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:08   127k  
dark.jpg               05-Jul-99 00:06   151k  
daytrip.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:14   190k  
evolute.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:01   166k  
flea.jpg               05-Jul-99 00:00    82k  
hf_25yr.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:13   148k  
order.jpg              05-Jul-99 00:04   156k  
para.jpg               05-Jul-99 00:00    85k  
penny.jpg              05-Jul-99 00:09   119k  
recruit.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:12   171k  
riverside.jpg          05-Jul-99 00:02   202k  
st_luke.jpg            05-Jul-99 00:03   121k  
steam.jpg              05-Jul-99 00:11    83k  
w_wand.jpg             05-Jul-99 00:11   152k  
x_market.jpg           05-Jul-99 00:09   144k